10 Ways to Maximize Your Official Relationship

Jun 30, 2021

Because we want you to have the happiest and healthiest relationship possible, we put together a list of the top ten things you can do to make your experience on Official as beneficial as possible. 

1) Invite your partner to join you on the app! Official is designed for couples and to make the most out of all of the features, you will need to link your account to the account of your significant other.

  • Are you single? Don’t worry, a few of us on team Official are as well. If you are joining Official just to find cool hangouts in your area, try linking your account to that of one of your close friends. Then, the two of you can find places that you both want to go for the next time you hang out.


 2) Personalize your profile for yourself and your relationship. What types of things interest you and your partner? What makes your relationship unique?


3) Use Official’s filters while discovering new dates to have the pool of dates narrowed to your specifications. The filters available in the date discovery feature of the app allow you to narrow down your search by distance, price, rating by the community, and what they are tagged.


4) Invite your couple-friends to #GetOfficial! When you add friends, you will see their shared dates appear in your feed where you will be able to ‘like,’ ‘comment,’ or ‘bookmark’ to your own saved date ideas. Build up your community of couples supporting couples!


5)Post your own dates on Official. It’s fun, and helps others in the community find new and exciting things to do together! Also, any date you post will be saved to your past timeline where all of your memories are kept.


6) Become familiar with Official’s privacy options. When posting on Official you can share a date privately, too just your friends, or publicly. When posting privately only you and your partner can see the content; when sharing with only friends your post will show up in any of your friends’ feeds; when you share a date publicly it appears in any users’ stack of date cards in that your date matches their search criteria.


7) Make sure you post top-quality content, especially when posting publicly to be shared with your community. When you are swiping through date ideas in your area, what kind of content do you like to see? Post date ideas and content that you believe would be valuable to others


8) Check-in daily and share your mood with your partner to enhance your communication as a couple. Make sure you and your partner are on the same page with your emotions and make sure you stay consistent! Healthy habits can take time to build, so stick with it! ☺️


9) Scroll through your relationship profile’s past timeline to relive all of your happiest times! This is where you will find all of your past dates and you can reminisce on all of your awesome moments together.


10) Take notes! Remember the little things that make your relationship so great and keep track of things that you don’t want to forget. Try making some lists to refer back to in the future.


Have you had a chance to #GetOfficial?

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