Delete the Dating Apps (And Get Official)

by | Jul 2, 2021

Two people meet on a dating app. They go through the online “talking stage” for a couple months before finally agreeing to meet for a date in person. A few dates go by, and no one knows how or when to DTR: define the relationship.

Sound familiar? This is the new-age love story, one we’re all probably accustomed to. There are countless apps out there to meet people, but there’s nothing to help you develop a strong, lasting relationship. It can be hard to give up the swiping and scrolling through dating apps, but now there’s a way to swipe on things to help you have more fun in the relationship you’re in. Get committed; get Official.

With Official, you can “level up” in your relationship by checking in with your partner every day, swiping to find dates to go on together, and posting about these dates when you go on them. One of the biggest problems in the first few months of dating is transitioning through the honeymoon phase. Once we get comfortable, it can be hard to remember that we have to keep “dating” our partner to keep things fun and alive. With Official, this aspect of your relationship becomes that much easier!

Using the Official app and our Official blog, figuring out relationships in a modern age is a breeze. Above all else, romantic partnerships are all about love, respect, and learning more about yourself through your relationship with another. So get official by getting Official!



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Get to know: Stephanie Sheets

Get to know: Stephanie Sheets


Stephanie loves writing lifestyle pieces, as well as longer fiction pieces, and poetry. In her freshman year of college, she was a top 10 finalist for the Steger-Giovanni poetry competition at Virginia Tech. 


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