Top 10 Date ideas for you and your loved one in San Francisco

by | Sep 2, 2021

Hello all you love birds from San Francisco, today I’m going to help you explore your city with your loved ones *wink wink*, and give you the top 10 best date locations and ideas in San Francisco. 

Now, if you’re not a San Franciscan, but plan on visiting one day with your loved one, then you’ve come to the right place. This blog can help you too. Heck, it’ll probably help you more since you’re not from the Golden City. 

Enough of me rambling away, let’s dive right into the bay of San Francisco (sorry for the horrible pun), and list the top 10 date ideas in San Francisco for you and your loved one.

The Golden Gate Bridge

Let’s start with the obvious one. On a beautiful sunny day, you and your loved one can take a scenic walk across the 1.7-mile-long bridge. 

The views of San Francisco bay will take your breath away. If you like the walk on a sunny day, try it on a foggy day… It’s even more mystical, and simply breathtaking. 

You finish the walk at the former army outpost, Fort Baker. It’s now part of the national park system.Plan to have a picnic here. Bring a large blanket, some snacks, and eat on the open lawn.

Wine Tasting by (or in!) the Bay

Let’s stick by the Golden Gate Bridge, shall we? San Francisco has a lot to offer, and wine tasting is one of them. 

But, why settle for just a wine tasting when you can up the romantic factor with a  wine tasting on a sailboat? Take in ALL of the beauty of the bridge and bay while sipping vino with your significant other. 

All you have to do is visit San Francisco Bay Boat Cruise Inc. to book your next wine tasting cruise… Trust me, you’re not going to want to miss out on this experience.

Ferry Building Marketplace 

If going to the market is your ideal date, then why not check out the Ferry Building Marketplace?

The Ferry Building Marketplace is located in the center of the city’s financial, banking and transportation district. This makes it a prime location for any date-goers who want to take in the city. 

While taking in the scenery and after exploring the market, be sure to check out the historic 245-foot-tall clock tower.

The history, the scenery, and the friendly people will help make your date one to remember.

Dinner and a Movie

Maybe you like to keep date night simple with a nice dinner and a movie. If that sounds ideal to you, then you’ll definitely want to check out Foreign Cinema.

You’ll get to choose from a bunch of delicious, gourmet, California-sourced cuisine, all the while you watch classic and modern films projected outdoors under the stars.

Oh, and indoor dining is now open… take that COVID-19 (safety measures are enforced)!

Cocktails on top of the Mark

Now, I know what you’re thinking… who in the heck is Mark? 

Well, Mark is the InterContinental® Mark Hopkins San Francisco hotel, which is a modern luxury hotel that is styled to be reminiscent of the Bay area’s golden, glamorous era.

Once at the Mark, you’ll take in the breathtaking views of the City while enjoying signature cocktails at the Top of the Mark sky lounge. 

This is an experience that no words can truly capture its essence… go ahead, try it out. 

Golden Gate Park

So, what if you’re the outdoors type of couple? You don’t want to sit around sipping champagne in a fancy room, you want to go outside and get your feet wet!

If that sounds like you, then take a trip down to Golden Gate Park.

Imagine taking your loved one through 1,017 acres of beautiful meadows and incredible lakes.

If activities are what you like, then you won’t be disappointed. From lawn bowling to horseshoes, to model yacht sailing, you’ll find these and plenty more.

Shakespeare’s Garden 

To visit the garden, or not to visit the garden… that is the question. 

If you enjoyed that little Shakespeare pun, then you’ll enjoy the Garden of Shakespeare’s Flowers, even more. 

Walk hand in hand with your loved one as you gaze at more than 200 different types of flowers.

These flowers were all mentioned in Shakespeare’s work… it doesn’t get more romantic than that. 

Half Moon Bay

Listen up guys, this one’s for you.

If you’re looking to up the romantic factor with your special person, then take a trip to Half Moon Bay.

Once at Half Moon Beach, you and your partner can enjoy a horseback ride on the beach. 

If that doesn’t make them fall into your arms, then I don’t know what would. 

Take in a game

Does your significant other like sports? If yes, surprise them with a date they’ll never forget (or stop talking about): Take him to see the Golden State Warriors play. 

The Warriors played in Oakland for 48 years until 2019, when they returned to San Francisco (they originally started in Philly, then moved to the Bay). 

Now, San Francisco Warriors fans don’t have to go far to watch their favorite players play!

Go for a swing 

Do you want to know a fun fact about San Francisco? Across the city, there are a bunch of hidden rope swings.

Who wouldn’t want to go on an exciting adventure date across the city to not only find these hidden rope swings but to then enjoy a nice swing as you take in the beautiful views? 

These hidden rope swings have gained popularity from Instagram.

People search for them and post videos of themselves swinging on them… will you be the next couple to post pictures with these swings on Instagram? 


So, what do you think? Are these some great date ideas to do in San Francisco? If you agree, then take your loved one out for a night on the town. Try out one of these date ideas or try out them all!

At the end of the day, you want to show your loved one that they mean everything to you, and there’s nothing better than a good date idea that’ll keep your relationship Official.


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Get to know: Titan Frey

Get to know: Titan Frey


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