1. For what locations can I use Official?

  • You can use Official across the country! It is best to use Official to find dates within cities due to the amount of options that are there, either way you will be able to see community dates and explore other incredible ideas for home.


2. Can I use the platform if I am single?

  • Yes you can, but you will not get the full experience.


3. Can I book dates on the app?

  • Yes! We have dates around the US and you have the ability to book all of them directly from the app, this lets you find, explore, plan, and book all without having to leave the app.


4. Can I sync my feed with Instagram?

  • Right now this is not an option (but we are working on it!) for the time being you have the ability to export any date you post and it will automatically export it as a date card! 


5. How do I verify my account?

  • You verify your account with either your phone number or email address just like any other platform! 


6. I did not receive my verification code, what should I do?

  • During our initial launch, we ran into the issue that so many people wanted to use the app at once that the server couldn’t handle all of the requests! This resulted in some users not getting a verification code, however, this has been fixed and all you have to do is log into the app and you will be prompted to get a new verification code. 


7. How do I remove relationship tags?

  • Hit edit and then just tap on it to disappear! 


8. Who do I contact for issues within the app?


9. How do I save favorites?

  • Just swipe right and we will save this information for you automatically! Additionally, you can always tap in the top right of dates on the home page and manually favorite your friends dates. 


10. How will I know if my significant other likes my date?

  • If both you and your significant other swipe right on a date then we will let you know that you have a match! 


11. Can I set up notifications from my calendar?

  • You can! On the future portion of a couple’s profile, a user has the ability to set countdowns for one-time reminders, events/dates, or annual reminders that are special dates to you, I.e. First kiss, first date, anniversary, etc!



  • Users can find the settings to connect with their partner by editing their profile. To get to this page, one must click their profile picture in the bottom right corner, click their profile picture again, click “edit profile,” and scroll down to the bottom of the page.


13. Is the app available for Android?

  • Yes, you can find our Android app here! We also worked hard to make it cross-compatible so that it doesn’t matter if your partner has an iPhone and you have an Android, it will still work!