Level up by earning and collecting hearts

Points can be earned in a ton of easy ways. This can be anything from posting your date, to booking your next adventure through the app! The more you use the app, the more points you earn.

Do More Together

At Official, our goal is to reward you for things you are already doing.  Whether it’s going out, staying in, or remembering the little things. Every heart you earn on the platform is 1 cent which can be redeemed off of any date you purchase. We are here to show you a little extra love, because we know you earned it.

Get Rewarded

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to start doing more of what you love, so we’ve made it possible for you to research date ideas you + your partner have matched on – direct from the app.

Here’s how to earn points using our app


  • Check in with your partner for 5 points
  • Purchase a date for 20 points
  • Add a Special Date to the calendar for 5 points



  • Share your date with the community and earn 5 points
  • Save a date privately and earn 1 point
  • Post a date you purchased on the platform for 10 points


  • Connect your email for an easy 5 points
  • Invite a friend that’s in a relationship and earn 350 points as soon as they sign up!

Leveling System

Collect points and level up with your partner!

Gamify your relationship and try to get through as many levels as possible. The more you do the more you earn, the more you’ll do together. Our levels are designed to get more challenging with time so that you continue to progress as a couple.

Earn points, get rewards, and get Official!

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