Our Mission

Finding Someone Is Easy, Keeping Them Is Hard. 

Official is a digital landscape built for couples looking to prioritize their relationship. 

Between work, life, and a social calendar, couples find it tough to make time for each other. Official offers couples a platform in which they can put their relationship first. With Official, couples can explore adventure ideas, plan dates, check-in with each other’s emotions, keep track of important moments, and share their relationship’s journey with friends and family. The more a couple uses Official, the more secure their relationship becomes. On top of that – we reward points to couples that actively utilize the app. These rewards can be applied to future date reservations and more. 

We can’t wait for you to #GetOfficial

Designed to build healthy Relationships

Remember the little things, stay in tune to your partner’s emotions, and do not leave them guessing yours with daily relationship check-ins and a shared calendar. Make communication and emotional transparency a priority in your relationship’s routine and be sure to never forget a date again: whether it be your anniversary or your significant other’s dog’s birthday.

Do More Together

Be inspired to do more with your partner and discover dates curated by your community, friends, and family. Don’t be left clueless next time you ask the question, “what should we do?”

Swipe left or right to save dates and match with your partner’s favorites to coordinate plans. Do something that interests you both. 

Get Rewarded

Rewards are earned when you go out, stay in, or record memories on the app. Earn hearts, level up and grow with your partner. The more you do, the more points you earn and the more you’ll do together.